The place where sky love sea- Ada-Bojana

Ada is an island in the shape of a triangle of 5.4 km2. Two sides blow the river Bojana and the third sea. The Ade coast is not final, but changes year after year so every year the beach has a new look. One of the main adut of this ferry is the almost 3 km long sandy beach. The weight of Adi Bojani in its composition contains about 30 very rare and biologically active mineral constituents making it suitable for use in medical purposes and soaking in a cane greatly affects affected rheumatics and sports injuries. There is a famous tourist and naturist center on Adi. It is a great place for surfing in the wind. The favorable winds make excellent waves that allow surfing and sailing. Ada Bojana is noted on many tourist maps of the world as well, above all as an authentic and unmistakable place. It is most beautiful at dawn when an unbelievable game of color emerges at sunset, the sea, the sand and the sky lay in a unique image.