Inclusion In Bokokotorski Zaliv - One Of The Largest Vessels Of The World

The Bay of Kotor or the Bay of Kotor is located in the south-western part of Montenegro between the Orjen and Lovćen mountains, with a winding coastline about 105 km long. The bay, known as the European deepest fjord, is in fact a flooded canyon of river that ran from the mountain of Orijen. The entrance to the bay of Bokocot is between Ostrza and Azra cape and is 2950m wide. Entry into the bay makes the Bay of Boka Bay one of the most protected bays in the world. That is why the maritime economy, science and architecture has developed here. Ostrvo Lastavica is located at the entrance to the Boka Kotorska Bay. On this stone island is the fortress on which the island is known today as Mamula. The fortress, along with the fortresses Arza on Luštica and the fortress of the Oštro hill, had an important strategic importance in the Boke defense. Since 1997 Boka Kotorska has been officially included in the Association of 28 of the most beautiful bays in the world. This bay represents an important tourist attraction in Montenegro.