Perast - Find Your Peace!

Perast is a town in the municipality of Kotor in Montenegro, and lies at the foot of Mount Illyria. Its perennial burden is owed to maritime affairs, and that is precisely why the most monumental Peruvian buildings originate from this period. The beautiful Pergamos palates, though today largely oblivious and overgrown with ivy, still testify to the golden age of this city. The city plan is quite simple. One long street runs through the city along the coast, and from the stairway to water in several parts. In the center of the town there is a square (Pjaca) dominated by the church of Sv. Nicholas with its impressive belfry 55 meters high. In addition to the church of Sv. Nicholas Perast has another 17 churches. It is a very interesting church of St. Ane which is high above the city, and decorated with frescoes by Tripo Kokolja. Through Perast there is the Lady of the Rocky Mountain, an artificial island, created by the roving of stone on the underwater rock. Perast is a quiet tourist town with two beaches and crystal clear sea. It is mostly visited by families with children or those who want to rest and enjoy the sun, the sea and the natural beauties. It is interesting that Goran Bregović, a famous Serbian musician and songwriter, has a villa in Perast and is spending the summer with his family in this small oasis of peace.