River of Crnojevića – Montenegrin venice

The Crnojevica River, along with the eponymous place on its shore, is one of the most renowned historical areas in Montenegro. After a 13 km long river flowing through the hills and a number of islands, the river ends in the waters of Skadar Lake. The River Crnojevica is special, not only in Montenegro but also by the fact that the water is only a mile away. In the people is known as the Montenegrin Venice. A special attraction for tourists visiting Rijeka Crnojevic is the Danil Bridge, which was erected by Danilo Danilo in 1853. About the origins of the river and its name, there is a legend related to Ivan Crnojevic, ruler Zete, who ruled from 1465 to 1490. As the legend says, Ivan Crnojević went once to hunt for a prey with his skull and hunters, came to a cave, and when he came to the entrance, a huge wild horse came out of the cave. The hunters were in pursuit of him and succeeded in killing a gorgeous jar. At that moment, a torrent sprouted from the cave, which almost did not flood the hunters and the ruler's swarm. From that time to the present day, the river was sprung from the cave, called the River Crnojević. Source: link You can see the beauty of this river on the photos we've set for you.