Mali svet raja – Luštica

The semi-deep Luštica in the bay of "Adriatic neveste" is a peaceful place for all ages. The longitude is 13 kilometers long and the surface is 47km2. The pictorial crescent is called a small SWINE GOROM. In a small area there is a large number of Orthodox churches. Semi-dry is also called "MASLINSKA GORA" due to the large number of olive trees. "Maslina Gora" has 15 villages, 22 churches, two of which are Catholic. In addition to the multitude of saints, there are many tourist attractions here. In 1933, about 100,000 olive trees were planted in Luštica, and it is, like all over the Boka, considered sacred tree. The olive grove sprang up the houses, the Slavic cake and the sparkle. Semi-dry is widely known, apart from unprecedented and unique olives, and famous olive oil, dried fish, prosciutto ... The largest number of churches with two altars in the world ...