A Place Which Differs The Tivate And Cotomic Vent - The Top Of The Laster

Gornja Lastva is an old settlement in Boka Kotorska, located in Tivat Bay, one of the four inner bay bogies. It is located on the sunny slope of Vrmac hill with a view of the Tivat bay and further through the peninsula Luštica to the open sea. The village has existed since ancient times. Since the settlement, the stone houses have been built and demolished to create new, more modern homes on their premises. Many houses are abandoned in time and the streets are collapsed, but the authenticity of the traditional way of construction and the overall ambience is not deteriorated. Today, the most preserved and most striking houses in the settlement are mainly inspired by the XIX century. It is from the same age and olive mill in which nothing has changed so far, and the olives are still as old as the mill - the mill is driven by human strength.